Patience Silva is basically everyone's favorite model...well, she's one of our favorites anyways! She's now starting to establish herself as a modern day fashion mogul. If you don't know who she is, you will. She wants to create and spread beautiful art whether the photographer has a lot of Instagram followers or not. It doesn't have to be a big project. Patience just loves creating and at her own leisure. She's not a big picture taker. It's actually pretty rare you'll even catch selfies of her! Modeling is not what's driving her. It's the art. Even if she wasn't modeling she'd still be creating. She has her own thoughts on being a business owner and has a unique take on what it requires to be an agency model.


Photo: @snapsstudio

MUA: @jenniferconejobeauty

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Patience was discovered at 14 years old. Most agents try to find the "Next Big Thing" at an early age like 14 or 15 years old before other agents are able to discover them. This is exactly how it happened for Patience. While walking home from school one day in San Diego, a woman stopped to ask if she modeled. Like most 14 years old, no...she hadn't. But despite her being shy, Patience was offered an opportunity to walk in a show and the rest was history.

Patience got signed at 15 years old with one of the top 5 agencies in the world in their 'New Faces' division and had a great time doing it. As Patience grew and learned more about both herself and fashion, she became a strong and opinionated young model who had created and built all the right contacts in the industry. She had made such a great impression on the artists and clients that her naturally very personable personality had afforded her the opportunity to work with top talents.

With an agency, the demand can be very heavy and it can bring much pressure on models who may not be prepared for that kind of demand. When you get to work with top talents, if you're too timid, you can easily get lost in the conversation.



Patience understood who she was early enough to know she was being under-utilized. She is truly a creative. A perfectionist. Someone who wants to create. And it was becoming more clear to her that she would best be able to accomplish that on her own

terms. Also understanding the true shelf life of a model, she understood she needed to learn what her terms were and create an agenda for herself. She decided that she needed to learn a trade and she had always been interested in design so she decided to go to school for interior design and now has plans on creating her own jewelry line. Patience wants to create timeless jewelry pieces with an edge. Semi-precious stones, diamonds, silver, and gold will be mainly featured throughout her collections. She learned that she would have to build her following and at the time, she had no social media presence at all. So in order to build her social media, she decided to step back in front of the camera. She originally intended on getting about 10,000 followers and now she has over 114,000 Instagram followers and has already worked with top jewelry collaborators.

Photo: @dreamstatelive


Patience is a perfect example of a strong woman who knows who she is and didn't let her circumstance determine what she can and can't do. She decided to take her life into her own hands and create. She didn't let the agency life dictate her actions. No one can tell her how she should act, what she should and shouldn't do, where she can and can't go. She gets to live her life the way she wants to and that is what's most important. Being with an agency is great. In fact, we recommend it for any model looking to advance their careers and live that lifestyle, but that's not all there is for you as a talent. Explore what you want, learn what you like, figure out what you're good at. Patience did. And that's why she's well on her way to a fruitful life as a creative and a role model for anyone who wants to be great and be their own person. She's not just a model for magazines, she's a model for independence and individuality.


Patience has the be one of the most kind-hearted people we work with. You can really get a feel for her sensibility about how the world around her works and her acknowledgement of other people and their efforts.


We look very much forward to watching Patience grow in her newest endeavors and she has the full support of All Models Worldwide!

Wardrobe: @johannebeck

Jewelry: @_heroesandvillains_ @foreversoles @lanimalco


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