After her book about NYFW, the editor of the book presented an opportunity to Eila for a Fashion Runway book and she immediately took the opportunity. This is what led to her second fashion book entitled 'Project Runway: The Show That Changed Fashion' with coauthor and supermodel Heidi Klum. She enjoys the on-the-job training she gets and cherishes the relationships she has with many prominent figures in fashion like designer and good friend, Michael Costello. She covers NYFW as well as other major shows. She interviews many top designers and models behind the scenes of the shows and at big events. When asked about how she decides on which shows to attend, she says that she definitely tries to make sure she can support her friends if schedule permits but she really enjoys covering and attending the shows where emerging designers are showcasing their latest collections. Whether it's a good friend or an emerging talent, Eila is a fan of both the business and the art of the fashion industry.

With her latest book 'How to Win at Shopping: 297 Insider Secrets for Getting the Style You Want at the Price You Want to Pay' she really got to dive into fashion at all levels for the everyday consumer. At this level in her career, Elia and others would like to consider her a shopping expert. She realized that stores can play tricks on us as shoppers to make us shop how they want us to. This works because we already don't know what we even want, we really have no idea what we're doing, and we just need guidance in finding what we really want. This book helps with all of those problems and teaches us a few tricks of the trade to get what we want while also fitting within our budgets.


Now Eila spends many days writing and much of her time is dedicated to being surrounded around friends and family. She even catches an occasional Broadway performance when she can as that is a big passion for Eila and her family. We look so forward to Eila's next book set to release in September and we wish her the greatest success in her already accomplished career as a writer, influencer, and personality in the fashion industry.

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Eila Mell is an established author primarily focusing on fashion, movies, and television having already written 5 books. When she got the opportunity to write about New York Fashion Week, 'New York Fashion Week: The Designers, The Models, The Fashions of the Bryant Park Era', it was then that she realized fashion was something she could make a career out of and she has been enjoying that decision ever since!

Eila had always loved fashion even before she realized it. She remembers growing up in New York City seeing people on the television screen as a little girl and absolutely loving what they were wearing. She grew into adulthood and had developed a real love for writing. She had taught herself much of what she knows about the industry in her just about decade long tenure. She is truly a student of fashion and film and her passion and ambition is what has afforded her many amazing opportunities.


Eila has such a charismatic personality and you really get a sense of how genuine she is. You can hear the passion in her voice and in her conviction as she speaks about being a writer and exploring fashion. Even with over 10 years of experience she remains a student of the industry and still has a love for the life she's created for herself and for her family. If you ever have an opportunity to meet Eila and have  conversation with her, you'd instantly fall captive to her charm. We're absolutely grateful to have had the chance to interview Eila and we will be first in line at the release of her next book which we know will be great!

To learn more about Eila, to watch her behind the scenes fashion show interviews and television appearances, and to read her personal content, visit her site at www.eilamell.com